5 Reasons Why GeneratePress Is Perfect For Bloggers

GeneratePress is a free theme for a self-hosted wordpress blog or website. This theme was developed by Tom since 8 years ago. GeneratePress has been downloaded more than 4 million times at the time this was written.

Some of the reasons written in this article are sourced from personal experience. There are several blogs that are managed using the GeneratePress theme and the results are satisfactory.

Free to Use

GeneratePress is suitable for novice bloggers who want to learn blogging or seasoned bloggers. Although the theme can be used for free, the features are sufficient for just channeling the hobby of writing diaries, reviews, or other interesting things.


The GeneratePress theme is quite light because it doesn’t have as many features as premium themes. That way, in general, blogs that use the GeneratePress theme will be accessed more quickly. This is of course very good and liked by readers.

In other words, the features provided by GeneratePress are not adventurous. The goal is to provide basic features for bloggers who want to focus on content with a simple but elegant appearance.

Good for SEO

Access speed of a blog is a good signal for SEO. The lightweight GeneratePress theme makes blogs feel fast when accessed.

Several blogs that I manage get a 100% score based on Google Pagespeed Insight analysis. This proves that GeneratePress is really reliable.

Open Source

GeneratePress is an opensource theme which means you can modify or create derivatives at will. This is of course an advantage in itself for bloggers who like to tinker with the innards of the theme.

Bloggers who are experts or WordPress developers can provide this custom GeneratePress theme service. Of course by not violating the policies that apply to the license.

GeneratePress Premium Plugin

GeneratePress provides premium plugins for bloggers who need additional features. Some of the premium features that are a mainstay are as follows.

Theme Builder

This feature allows bloggers to design and build theme elements using the block editor. With these Dynamic Block Elements, bloggers have total design freedom to create whatever they need.

Site Library

Site library is a collection of website designs that have been prepared. We can easily clone the design along with the demo content at once or just the style design.

The existence of this site library can provide inspiration for creating a more elegant blog design. Save blog development time so you can focus more on content creation.

In addition to these two additional features, there are many more premium features provided, including: more style control, headers for mobile, additional navigation menus, sicky navigation, and so on.

Get Premium Plugins

The premium GeneratePress plugin can be obtained through the nearest Nusagates GP agent for IDR 100,000.

The specifications for this premium plugin are as follows:

  • The plugin file is 100% original and downloaded directly from the official website so it doesn’t contain malware or other viruses
  • The license is for life
  • The license can be transferred to another domain at no additional cost
  • The plugin can update automatically if there is an update. So there is no need for manual updates like the nulled GeneratePress Premium plugin sold by irresponsible people.