10 Tips to Get Quality Backlinks to Boost Domain Authority

Backlinks are one of the factors that affect domain authority (DA). The more quality backlinks a website gets, the greater the potential for increasing DA.

Domain authority of a website is a website ranking system used to describe its relevance to a specific field or industry. This relevance has a direct impact on search engines that access domain authority using automated analysis algorithms.

Submit Guest Post

Guest posts are articles created to be published on other people’s websites or blogs. The goal is to embed links that refer to our website pages. So it’s as if the website that publishes the guest post article is referring or taking reference from our website.

Finding a website or blog that accepts guest posts is not difficult. Just type these keywords in bold in Google: “submit an article”,“write for us”, or “submit a guest post”. Use quotation marks to get search results that contain the exact word. Use similar variations including converting to English if necessary.

Don’t forget to add keywords in the discussion area or niche so that the discussion is relevant. For example, websites that discuss education are looking for other educational-themed websites that accept guest posts. It is highly recommended that the guest post that is done looks natural.

Writing on the UGC Website

User Generated Content (UGC) is a type of website that is designed for publishing articles by its users. So that any eligible registered users can write and publish articles there. Don’t just be a reader.

Some examples of this type of website include: medium.comdev.tokompasiana.comindosiana.com, and others. Before publishing articles there, don’t forget to read the terms & conditions and policies on each of these websites.

Active on the Forum Website

Forum-shaped websites such as Kaskus or WordPress.org can be used to get free backlinks. The trick is to embed a link in the profile signature or by creating content that contains a link to the website you want to add a backlink to.

It should be noted that not all forums are of good quality. Don’t just post. Check your spam score or other metrics first. Websites that get backlinks from websites that have a high spam score are not even good. It might even reduce DA.

Comments on Other Websites

The comment feature available on a website or blog can be used to get quality backlinks for free too. Don’t forget to always check the quality of the website you want to target to embed the link so it doesn’t actually hurt you.

Publishing Apps on Playstore

Creating android applications is not difficult at this time. Tools to create android applications without coding like AppGeyser can be used for free.

We can embed a link in the developer profile or application description. The more applications that are published, the more potential backlinks you get.

Publishing a Firefox Addon

Firefox addon can be used as a tool to get quality backlinks. Through developer info on each addon, we can embed website links to get backlinks.

Firefox addon pages are automatically translated into multiple languages. This is very useful because the potential for backlinks is getting more and more from the translation page. Moreover, the page was created using different domain extensions.

Publishing Open Source Applications

Open source applications are much sought after by people. By utilizing an open source application publishing service such as Github or Sourceforge, we can embed backlinks for demo purposes or documentation sources. In addition to backlinks, we can use this method to do self-branding.

Become a Sponsor

We can also get quality backlinks by sponsoring an event. For example, sponsorship of competitions held online. We can ask the committee to embed a backlink on the contest announcement page. You can also get the backlink from contestants who are required to embed a backlink to our website.

Publishing Journals or Scientific Articles

Journal or scientific article publication services online can be used as a tool to get backlinks. You do this by using our website or blog as a reference source for writing the publication’s manuscript.

Content Placement Service

This content placement service has a system similar to a guest post. The difference is that guest posting can be done for free, while content placement services are usually subject to a fee.

Nusagates GP provides content placement services in collaboration with more than 100 bloggers in Indonesia. This service is offered with rates starting from IDR 100,000. The service charge depends on the quality of DA, PA, SS, and other indicators.

Thus 10 tips to get quality backlinks. If something is unclear or you want to vent, don’t hesitate to contact Nusagates GP via the available contacts.