Do you want to order a website? Pay attention to the following so you don’t regret it

Many website creation services are offered in various ways. The price varies according to the features offered. Some are very cheap for fried peanuts. Some are very expensive for a Mercy car.

Ordinary people who want to order website creation services often feel confused when they want to make a choice. Therefore, this article was written so that ordinary people can get a good overview.

Make a List of Needs

Before ordering a website creation service, it’s a good idea for someone to make a list of the features needed. This is to facilitate communication with service providers. Look for references to technical terms about website creation so that explanations from service providers are easily accepted.

This list of requirements is also useful for providing clear boundaries so that the scope of the website created is not too broad. Because usually someone is stuck wanting to have a lot of features when in fact they are not needed. Especially if you meet a service provider who delivers a stunning presentation.

The more features on a website does not automatically make the website better. Features that are not used should be removed instead of increasing development and maintenance costs. Don’t get caught up in ambition that will only hurt you in the future.

Service Provider Profile Validation

The greater the business potential of website creation services makes many people compete to offer these services. In accordance with economic law which states that the supply (supply) is influenced by the demand (demand). But unfortunately there are parties who are not responsible for offering website creation services to the detriment of ordinary people.

Some things that need to be validated from service providers so as not to become victims of fraud include the following:

  • The legality of the business. It can be seen from the OSS website whether the company is actually registered there or not
  • The contact. Check the contact used by the company whether there is a history of being used to commit fraud or not. This can be done by searching on Google, an app like GetContact or something like that
  • The official address. Check the official address to make sure that the service provider is using a valid address. This is useful if in the future it turns out that there is a lost contact while the project has not been completed

Domain Access & Hosting

It’s better if the website has access to domain & hosting even though it’s a managed service. Unless you really trust the service provider and are sure he won’t disappear without first confirming.

At least you can ask for a regular data backup service that is stored in a place that you can access such as Google Drive, OneDrive, or other storage media. At least your data is safe if the service provider runs away before the contract expires.

Make a Written Contract

People who already trust each other usually feel no need for a written contract. Yet this is very much needed for many reasons.

By making a written contract, at least the references used to work on the website are clear. Even if you want to complain, you just need to show the contract without the need to remind the service provider promises that have been delivered.

Here are some things to consider before ordering a website creation service. If there are still things that are not clear or are stuck, you can confide in the Nusagadev team via the button below.